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You’ve heard the expression “Keep it Local,” right?  It means to shop local, but why? Well, keeping your business local strengthens our local economy, creating jobs within the area and opportunities for fellow local entrepreneurs.  Plus, giving your business to, who some would call, “the little guys”,  builds the community and brings us closer together, shaping our future. 

Ohio Garage Interiors is locally-owned and proud to be a company that was built in Ohio.  Speaking from experience as local business owners, we do what we do because we are passionate about our work.  We want to continue doing this work for as long as possible while being successful.  Yet, we wouldn’t be where we are without the support from, not only our community but surrounding communities as well.  That’s why we do what we can to support other Ohio companies as well.   

Are OGI products manufactured in Ohio? Yes, some are! We’re here to fill you in.  

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Hybrid Epoxy Polymer Flooring | OGI Products Manufactured in Ohio

OGI is well-known for its professional garage floor coating.  We use an accelerated hybrid polymer that is over four times stronger than your average epoxy.  The chemicals that are compounded into this formula are manufactured by Sika, a top manufacturer of floor coatings.  At OGI, we only work with top brands that we trust and stand behind and Sika is one of them! Want to know one of the best parts about working with Sika? The chemicals found in their coatings are made right here in Ohio.  
Advantages of Choosing OGI

  • Easy Cleaning: We design our hybrid polymer garage epoxy flooring to protect against moisture buildup and slipping with a solid, non-porous surface. Dirt cannot penetrate the surface of the floor, so cleaning has never been easier. Just a simple vacuuming and mopping will get the job done.
  • Ohio Weather is No Match for Us: Unpredictable weather pummels Ohio garage floors all year round. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are harsh, bringing corrosive road salt into the garage. Standard epoxy just isn’t enough. However, OGI flooring protects against peeling, erosion, road salt, hot tire pickup, and much more. Also, our flooring lasts up to 15 years.  Get the most out of your money with OGI. 
  • Honest Pricing: In addition to product and service quality, we want to ensure our customers know what they are paying from the beginning. We place tremendous value on honesty in our customer service. We will send one of our team members to give you a quote at no charge before we begin your project


OGI staff that provides flooring in Ohio